big powerful intimidating robots taking care of smaller robots they want to protect and love on makes me soooo so so happy

big powerful intimidating robots taking care of smaller robots they want to protect and love on makes me soooo so so happy

thoughts about voyeurism?

v good in the right circumstances

also best ask to come home to gjfsjfh

what are some of your favorite poly ships?

this is sorta hard to describe without drawing but i dont have tablet access right now oop. not all of these relationships are sexual.

x -> y means x feels closer to/is more attracted to y than y is to x; x <-> y means it’s very strong both ways or is a more “primary” relationship.


  • plant -> centaur -> tomahawk -> plant
  • tomahawk -> plant <-> wood
  • toad <-> hornet -> plant <-> wood
  • turbo <- quick <-> flash
  • crystal <- gravity -> star
  • anyone in the sixth gen with anyone else in the sixth gen
  • rp based: plant <-> jewel <-> top <-> plant aka Jeplop
  • also rp based: knight <-> plant <-> half of searchman i dub this ship Light Bara Sandwich with Veg


  • breakdown <-> knockout <-> starscream (smokescreen’s in the corner secretly admiring knockout’s finish)
  • bulkhead <-> wheeljack -> ratchet <-> op <- megatron in which ratchet is fiercely protective over op/orion, and bulk doesnt care who wheel involves himself with
  • bumblebee <-> smokescreen -> knockout <-> break and star
  • i mostly really just want smokescreen being weirdly attracted to knockout who is on occasion happy to satisfy his curiosity
  • and ratchet yelling at megatron

is that vague enough

I can understand no humans in TFP ( too small, no logic in that)- but are you okay with humans or cyborg humanoids with any pairings Rockman related?

yeah, thats fine \o/

Prompt: Quick getting asked if he likes anal and feeling uncomfortable because poopers aren't really a robot thing.


What pairings do you like? Then I'll send a prompt!

seriously??? please do LOL

uh these are all pretty heavily roleplay-based so some of them might not make sense but maybe its a good starting point

current favorites in mm include: quick/flash, quick/turbo, quick/snake, wood/plant, knight/wind, knight/plant, uhh at least in a sexual sense those are some \o/ not opposed to others though

tfp favorites are ratchet/optimus(or orion) always, ratchet/wheeljack, smokescreen/knockout in the right circumstances, knockout/starscream always, knockout/breakdown always… i like others but not all in a sexual sense so

no humans though, please, in tfp

edit: i dont just like one/one relationships, poly is also good

prompts are probably better than like… character x character asks just so you know

because a random ‘quickman and dustman’ is probably gonna be hard to come up with without some context

on that note: send me prompts

What about Splash/Bubble, or Splash/ another aquatic robot?

i want to specify that while i have nothing against either of these as a whole i don’t think splash has ‘removable bottom armor’ or anything like that

i’ll consider it but i like to avoid splashwoman for the most part when it comes to porny things because it tends to make me sort of uncomfortable with how much art of her there already is out there that’s really gratuitous

if i draw anything of splash it will likely be very soft so keep that in mind

PLIGHT (Plant/Knight/Flame) ;3


Fire/Elec doin' anal sex? :3

anal is not a word i associate with robots